Kurt Lewin and Action Research

Biography of Kurt Lewin:

Kurt Lewin and Action Research

An Action Research Model

Resources on Action Research and Kurt Lewin

Organization Development

Basic Types of OD Interventions, by John E. Jones

Recognizing and Responding to Resistance - from The OD Practitioner

A Case Study of Change at UPS


Background, History, and Theory of Dialogue:

Dialogue - A proposal -- By David Bohm, Donald Factor and Peter Garrett

Dialogue and Culture by Heiner Benking

Additional Dialogue Resources:

The JoHari Window

The JoHari Window - an overview

The JoHari Window and Group Dynamics:


Douglas MacGregor: Theory X and Y:

National Leadership Center:

Variety of Leadership Resources:

Blake and Mouton and SYMLOG:

The Leader's Role in Reducing Anxiety:

Teams and Teamwork

The Team Performance Model - by Alan Drexler and David Sibbett

Teamwork bibliography:

Teams and Teamwork - a SIOP paper by Alan Churcb

Article, books, and links on teams:

Games and Activities for Training and Building Teams - by Thiagi and Glenn Parker

Success Strategies for Cross Functional Teams -by Glenn Parker

An Annotated Bibliography on Teams - by Glenn Parker

Center for the Study of Work Teams

Groups and How They Develop - lots of links, compiled by Carter McNamara


An alternative way of viewing the world