adapted from Katzenbach and Smith, 1993

True teams share leadership roles as they see fit;
Working groups have a strong & clearly focused leader.

True teams take mutual, collective, accountability;
Working groups take individual accountability.

True teams create specific team objectives that they deliver themselves;
Working groups' objectives are imposed, mandated, granted, and/or the same as the broader organizational mission.

True teams deliver collective products/outcomes;
Working groups deliver individual products/outcomes.

True teams encourage open-ended discussion and active problem solving meetings;
Working Groups runs efficient meetings.

True teams measure performance directly by assessing collective products/outcomes;
Working Groups measure effectiveness indirectly by their influence on others.

True teams discuss, decide, and do real work together;
Working Groups discuss, decide, and delegate.

True teams have open and honest dialogue;
Working Groups have polite discussions.

True teams have fun working together and laugh a lot;
Working Groups just work.

True teams can't wait to be together;
Working Groups meet because they have to.